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i hate you i hate you i hate you!!!! okay so, i haven't been on any kind of trip in about a year now. last week was spring break but i had to work every other day & couldn't go any where. but this week all my hours were at the beginning of the week & i have this whole weekend off! Friday, Saturday & Sunday! what? awesome, i know. so here were my plans. i was going to the ballet tonight with my mom & sister to see The Wizard of Oz at the Civic Center. i was so crazy excited!! shut up. then on saturday i was going to drive to Dairy Queen. & that is a big deal to me, the closest one is an hour away! what? then going to Outback for dinner. :B then either Saturday or Sunday night i was going to go out to the lake & star gaze. that sounds like a great weekend, right? & my dad & little brother were going camping so my mom could go as well. well i forgot my life sucks. there is a giant snow storm coming & everything is closed down. -_-; wwrrrryyyyyy?!?!?!?!

lol, i need to make a fandom post. like now. maybe later tonight.

"Our dreams are our only limit" -Spacebat

March 15, 2009. Never Forget!

lol, legit post later....maybe. XD

new layout~!

check it out~!


now, i'm off to bed~!



WHY WON'T THIS SERIES DIE IN A FIRE ALREADY? DX if you are a fan fine. but defend that shit & i'll stab you in the eye.

lol, tornadoes.

as i'm sure everyone watches the weather channel you already know about the tornadoes that tore through earlier today. i say tore through because they literally did. the back of my friend Josh's house is gone now. OH SNAP. also!! CHUCK E. CHEESE GOT HIT!! WRRRRYYYYY?! i, myself, have been stranded at home all day during the rain, hail, winds, & said tornadoes. there was one about two blocks away from my house, awesome.

but! i rented some movies & a game on sunday so i had things to occupy my time. oh! i just canceled my cable last week. every keeps saying i'm crazy but i haven't watched t.v. at my house in months. i work at Blockbuster & my parents have a DVR/digital cable. so anything good i record it over there. :B also my DS, Wii, Xbox360, & PS2 keep me busy. i rented Eagle vs. Shark, Mallrats, & Transsiberian. oh! & Avatar: Into The Inferno for the Wii. lol, i beat it in like four hours. but it was fun! glad i didn't buy it for sure. i rented Eagle vs. Shark again because nickel_curry mentioned it & i wanted to see it again. i still like it. :) i had wanted to re-watch Mallrats since i saw Zack & Miri Make A Porno, lol Kevin Smith love~! & people kept telling me i should see Transsiberian so i finally broke down & rented it. mostly because it's in Russia. 'sup Ivan? :B lol, Hetalia! it was actually pretty neat. the story was really interesting with alot of great plot points. i definitely suggest it to you guys though.

also a movie i could watch any day of the year regaurdless of what is going on? the MST3K version of Prince of Space~! ♥ lol, wut?

i WAS going to update....

about my doctor visit yesterday but i changed my mind. considering they think i have even more wrong with me than before. how many disorders can a person have? srsly, wtf?

aslo, flow!! you were right about Kurokami! it's pretty sweet.

arrgh! i can't sleep....

so i watch Pirates of the Great Salt Lake for the thousandth time. god i love this movie. :3 ♥~ i literally watch this every time i work. lol, i abuse my shift leader status every chance i get. EVERYBODY needs to see this movie. especially if your dream is to be a pirate, like me. the soundtrack is phenomenal. i wish i could fucking FIND it some where. if you see it please tell me!!! also, be sure to watch it once, then again with the commentary, it's so funny! enjoy the trailer.

quick question of Hetalia fans: why are there so many doujins on US/UK? over on hetalia every doujin is about them. where is all the Germany/Italy? i thought i would only find them but i was wrong, lol.

so i'm on the Hetalia wagon

BUT HOW ANYONE NOT LOVE IT?! i know for a fact that if this had been around when i was in world history i would have aced it. only because i was paying so much attention to find all the gay, lol.

speaking of gay, i think i accidentally let it slip that i like boy-on-boy action. kinda. & we were talking about HALO! i'm a closet Halo 3 fan. lol, puns. no it was Gears of War 2 first & we were talking about Dom's wife. but i said 'pffft! he just needs to shut up & make out with his boyfriend Marcus.' then this guy was like 'no! they're just friends!' & i said 'like Master Chief & The Arbiter?' i got weird looks from everyone & should have left it there but went on with 'they are totally gay together! you can make anyone gay if you look hard enough!!' >_<; should not have said that last part. not here in Oklahoma anyway....

how about a mini-movie time? i WOULD start my own movie blog but a) no one would read it & b) i think enough people who work at Blockbuster have a movie blog, ne? anyway. Zack & Miri Make A Porno is actually pretty funny. i mean what do you expect from Keven Smith? not as good as it could have been but worth a rent. & the DVD special features? glorious. over an hour & forty-five minuets of deleted/extended scenes. or they made me lol. :D Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist worth a watch if you really like indie music & semi-indie flicks. i liked it any way. i would LOVE to have a night like that no doubt, lol.

as of right now, i'm still at my original Blockbuster & will be working at Brian's & Stephie's (the one i'm at now). at least until we get into trouble from corporate. i really don't want to leave to Brian's store but if i want to keep my job i think i will. it's not that i don't like Brian, i do! he's great it's just the people at the other store. employees & customers alike. i don't like getting to know new people. i'm just now used to all the regulars & people i work with. fun fact! i hate people, but had the highest sales last week. & am usually on the top of the list, what? i totally am a Randall. down to working in a video store with an elitist attitude. where's my Dante?!

also: check out my new icons.

here's the video the pictures in my icon came from. enjoy~!

Fuck Blockbuster, FUCK YOU.

srsly. stop sucking. they just cut 45 of our hours. which means i'm going to have to move to another store in order for me to even WORK. blargh! i don't want to!! i like the store i'm at now because it has a very small customer base & the rules are very lax. we actually get to watch movies & not just the trailers all day. but, since i'm a shift-leader i guess i can still watch movies if i'm in charge, right? i mean, who will know?

on a positive note:


live dinosaurs, wut? it was sooooo cool!! my life was a little more complete that night. it was scarier than i thought it would be but that only made it better. no, i don't care that i'm 22 & was more excited than my 12 year-old little brother. i think i was more excited than half the little kids i saw there....i didn't realize until i got there that i might be for kids, lol.

look! video footage!

this is an S.O.S.!

oh dear! i've been stranded at my parents house by this ice storm! my dad came in yelling at us about how we weren't going to laze about all day tomorrow since Sam has the day off from school. & some other stuff. i kinda block him out after a few minuets of yelling. but hey, if YOUR dad had yelled at you everyday for 22 years so would you.

i gotta hide out the rest of the night now......SEND HELP!!