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don't pay any attention to me.

nobody ever does.

The Aubinator!
22 October 1986
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ha! made you look. ^__^
it's not really, i just think that is the cutest banner. so...yeah. *is a dork*

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my pet!

*updated 11-26-07!* 'sup? Aubrey here, & what's to say? i'm currently the KeyHolder for Hot Topic & the coolest nerd you'll EVER know. :3 drop me a line & i'll bite! :D

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that is me and Andrew W.K. when i met him at McDonalds! :-D (circa 2003, mind you. & i don't even REMOTELY look like this anymore...)

falkor is love
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dr. ten is love
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Zangetsu x Shirayuki is sharp & pointy black & white love.
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Reno's Expressions are Pure Love

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made by vejimaru! ^_^

Roxas is mysterious sex love.

Tamaki is SHIRTLESS love.

XXXHOLiC is on crack love

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'cause dancing Oni-Link is so cute!! <3!!

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Raito...that's mean! poor L...♥~!

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in global search look for "aubrey gray". i'm the one at C. Oklahoma.

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4chan is Why do I surf this site again? love

O RLY is strange meme love

/b/ is really retarded love

Link x Zelda is Timeless Love

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